2012 Global Olympic Project

We invite schools from different countries to join this project. Please create a new page for your country and use it to add interesting information about your country, the flag and national anthem. You can do anything you wish to make your country page interesting.

A big thank you to those who have joined this wiki and added content. We truly are a global village. Please add interesting links on the topic of the Olympic Games to our links page.

This video is an exciting introduction to the 2012 venue in London.

Here are some suggested extra questions for your country page:

  • How do global sporting events affect the countries that take part?
  • How did your country do in Beijing?
  • The story of an interesting national participant.
  • Who is your country's great hope for medals at the the London Olympics?
  • What sporting event would you like to participate in in the future? How will you go about realising your dream?
  • How do I become an Olympic athlete?
  • Maths at the Olympic Games: count in minutes and seconds; measure 100m; how fast can I run?
  • Design an outfit for your national team.
  • How will you get to London for the Olympics?
  • What is a time zone? Is your country ahead or behind London?

For further information contact Mrs Hallowes.